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Picture Perfect

Founded in 2015 by Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar and Jeet Thakrar, Picture Perfect is a full service film production company based in the UK. We oversee productions from development to distribution, engaging highly experienced crews to create amazing films targeted at wide audiences.

In the past 5 years we have produced 9 films, spanning a range of genres, commissioned by leading independent distribution companies and financiers, with productions shot across the UK and Europe.

We currently have a slate of films in development and pre production due to go into principal photography in early 2021.



Videe was founded in 1988. In the early years the company specialized in the production of art documentaries and docu-fictions and organized training courses for camera operators and broadcast technicians.

In the 1990s Videe saw the opportunity to expand in the broadcast industry and equipped itself with mobile production units. Ever since, Videe has been providing technical solutions and crew to broadcasters and producers and has successfully grown over the following decades.

Over its 30+ year career Videe has gathered a strong experience in the most diverse environments, from the production of art docu-fictions to the broadcast service of major sporting, cultural and music live events as well as of live reality, factual and entertainment shows in extreme locations.

Videe relies on a team of professionals with strong technical know-how and an artistic sensibility, who find themselves comfortable in the most different production backgrounds and genres.

Today, we are an experienced partner in the organization and provision of worldwide broadcast services but we treasure our past and present experience as content producers.

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