Will you respect a cautious no, as much as an enthusiastic yes?

In Round 2 we meet Hanne and Daniel who have just had a successfull date and ended up at Hanne’s place. Here a breakdown of communication in an intimate situation, leads a blossoming romance into muddled waters, making them both feel confused and hurt, while leaving the audience pondering important and difficult questions about the grey areas of what constitutes abuse..

Directors statement | Round Two is a short film about setting boundaries. I think this topic is not only very interesting, but also important.
We live in a society where we unfortunately don’t talk enough about sexual boundaries. What is ok and what is not?
With this film, I try to show that both partners lose a piece of themselves and that sex is not always just fun and games and that sometimes you can go too far. My goal is to inspire others to think twice the next time they decide to be sexually active, what do you want to achieve and are you on the same wavelength as your partner?

Frøydis Fossli Moe

– TEAM –

Hanne: Emilie Sofie Johannesen [IMDB]
Daniel: Mikael Ulrichsen
The Roomie: Maria Wiik
Director: Frøydis Fossli Moe [IMDB]
Screenplay/Created by: Emilie Sofie Johannesen
Executive Producer: Grant Andersen [IMDB]
DoP: Mikkel Strøm
Music: Oskar Bremer
First Assistant Director: : Rebekka Andresen
Sound: Jo Kristian Kallset
Lights: Henrik Holte
Design: Iben Dale Midttømme
Editor: Eirik Jåsund
Prod. Ass: Aurora K Andersen
Consultant: Jan-Erik Gammleng
Financed by: Sørnorsk filmsenter, Ingrid Falkenberg Dokka.

A JMG Stories production

Sørnorsk Filmsenter

Thank you to: Emilie Nikolaysen/popsartsie, VJUS


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